Transformations changes to legal form, establishing companies

This is one of our legal and tax specialisations. If you are considering whether your Company is run in the most advantageous legal form possible for you at present, do not hesitate to contact us. Regardless of whether you run a business in the form of a sole proprietorship, a civil partnership, a general partnership or a limited liability company, make an appointment for a non-binding and free meeting with us. Taking into account a few important parameters, and your individual situation, we will present you with the pros and cons of other possible solutions beneficial to you. Each case is analysed multi-dimensionally, taking into account the individual preferences and objectives of the owners of the Company and its individual situation. After the first free meeting, if you are interested we will propose to you specific actions and their costs. Then you can make your own decision. If you do not have time (although we will not take up much of it, respecting it) or you cannot meet us in the Warsaw agglomeration, you can by any method (e.g. instant messenger, telephone, e-mail) send us an enquiry, we will contact you immediately, and discuss the issue(s) you are interested in by telephone.

Choose the legal form of your Company which is best for you


What can I gain from a change to the legal form of my Company? Is my Company run in the most advantageous legal form possible for me?


I want to start a business – what is better for me: a business activity or a company?

Before you make a decision on the choice of the form of business activity, please contact us for a free and non-binding meeting. When setting up a new business entity, or already running your own Company, you should take into account the different pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, of running a business activity, depending on the legal form and your individual situation. Each of these forms in a different way involves your personal responsibility, tax burdens, social security contributions, accounting costs, etc. We will help you decide which form of activity in your particular situation will be the most beneficial for you, taking into account various aspects of its conduct, including costs. By commissioning us to establish a company you save time, by establishing your Company we can do almost everything for you.

If you are already running a business activity, we will present to you the potential benefits of changing the legal form of your Company and possible ways of doing it, and you, having this knowledge, can decide for yourself whether what we propose to you would turn out to be a suitable solution for you, and whether you would wish to use our assistance in establishing, registering or changing the legal form of your Company. Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, you can comprehensively commission us with all or only selected legal, tax and accounting activities related to the change to the legal form, as well as further services for your Company in the selected scope.