SCOPE of cooperation

you decide for yourself which services you wish to use

By choosing us you gain the possibility of using legal, tax, accounting, and debt collection services in one place, conveniently, comprehensively, and at an attractive price. You can check and choose this scope by going to the Law, Taxes, Accounting Services and Debt Collection tabs on our website, or by contacting us directly – we will be happy to answer your questions and jointly determine which of the services would be beneficial for you

FORMof cooperation

You decide for yourself whether it will be a permanent contract with the scope selected by you, or ad-hoc cooperation on the basis of the fulfilment of individual one-off orders for you

Możesz sam zdecydować, czy nasza współpraca ma mieć charakter doraźny czyli polegać na podpisaniu pojedynczych umów dotyczących realizacji dla Ciebie poszczególnych zleconych przez Ciebie usług, czy też stały na podstawie raz zawartej umowy z wybranym przez Ciebie zakresem współpracy. Jako kancelaria jesteśmy nastawieni na długofalową i stałą współpracę, wielu z naszych Klientów współpracuje z nami od długiego już czasu w sposób stały, co jest dla nas niezwykle cenne. Wielu z nich wybrało stałą formę współpracy z nami, wiedząc, że w ten sposób mogą mieć na stałe osoby przyporządkowane do ich obsługi w zakresie prawnym, podatkowym, księgowym czy windykacyjnym oraz mieć stałe przewidywalne koszty obsługi w zakresie dopasowanym maksymalnie do indywidualnych potrzeb każdego z nich (czyli płacić za to z czego faktycznie korzystają). Wybór należy do Ciebie.


free of charge, so do not hesitate to contact us in order to present your case

Do not hesitate to contact us about your case – it doesn’t cost anything, the analysis of each case is free of charge, only afterwards we will present you our proposal for further action with a proposal of remuneration and the costs associated with its implementation, so that you can consciously make a rational decision. If the proposed actions involve any risk (e.g. the dismissal of the claim), we will inform you in advance so you can make a decision based on the best possible knowledge. The same applies to costs: before you make a decision, you will receive information about other foreseeable costs (e.g. court, enforcement, tax, notarial, administrative, etc.) which will be connected with your case.


This is a staff member permanently dedicated to coordinating the cooperation with you in all spheres of your choice

We know how important very good ongoing communication is in mutual cooperation. Therefore, if you choose the scope and form of cooperation with us on your own, you will have your permanent consultant – Account Manager – who will coordinate our cooperation in all areas on a permanent basis, and also all tasks assigned to us by you. His/her role will be to present to you solutions which can be more beneficial for you than the current ones, and to inform you about the status of commissioned cases. He/she will also be your first contact in every new case.

In addition, you will receive direct contact with people dealing with your case, so that you can always get information at source, if necessary

STAFF WITH SUBSTANTIVE COMPETENCEproviding services to you as part of the cooperation

ci.e. attorneys, legal advisors, tax advisors, accountants, etc. – in the case of concluding a permanent contract with us, you will have permanently dedicated persons providing services to you and your Company in the scope selected by you

We take matters entrusted to us by Clients very seriously, all data, including personal data, documents and information transmitted to us in the course of our cooperation are stored in places protected from interference of third parties, all our employees are covered by non-disclosure agreements, both during our cooperation and after its possible termination, we apply solutions to ensure absolute confidentiality and security. All contracts with our Clients also contain provisions guaranteeing confidentiality.

The Law Firm and all its Attorneys, Legal Advisors and Tax Advisors are covered by a permanent mandatory and additionally voluntary third-party liability insurance