Accounting HR and payroll

We provide full and comprehensive accounting, human-resources, and payroll services for each Company in the form of a Revenue and Expenditure Ledger or in the form of Accounting Ledgers (so-called “Comprehensive Bookkeeping”) and full human-resources and payroll services for your employees and associates. We are prepared to provide services to any Company, regardless of the industry, size, and number of employees/associates. We can prepare an individual solution for you, tailored to your needs. More information on .



Including, additionally, the possibility for you to benefit from consultation with a Tax Advisor under the terms and conditions of agreements on accounting, human-resources, and payroll services

MULTIDISCIPLINARITY Accounting and Law, Taxes, and Debt Collection, all in one place

You can use a number of services in one place, e.g. consultation with a tax advisor, legal advice from an attorney or a legal advisor, or debt collection services. Many of our Clients appreciate the convenience of such a solution!

If you have your own internal accounting, or you already use external accounting, HR, and payroll services, and do not want to abandon them, our Accounting Department and Tax Advisory Department can prove to be significant substantive support for you, your Accountants, Human Resources Officers, and other staff, and a supplement in the selected field, e.g. through the possibility of obtaining advice or an opinion by a Tax Advisor on current issues raising substantive doubts.