„Morbum evitare quam curare facilius est" (łac.) PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE

You can take advantage of interesting, thematic, training, conducted by our Law Firm in two formats:

OPEN TRAINING Anyone can participate

EXCLUSIVE TRAININGfor a closed group of personnel from one or more companies

We can carry out training in your Company throughout the country or, for example, appear on the occasion of your internal company meeting, including an away meeting, as one of the points of the programme. We are open and flexible when it comes to choosing the format, place and time of training, which will be convenient for you or your Company.

THEMES of our training courses


“The most important aspects of documenting and securing commercial transactions and debt recovery in commercial transactions”.

TAXES 2019

“The most important changes concerning PIT, CIT, VAT, and the Tax Ordinance Act in force since 1 January 2019”


“The protection of personal data in the light of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)”


“Legal and practical aspects of the conclusion of sales contracts in the light of the rights and obligations under statutory warranties, warranties, and non-conformity of the goods with the contract”


“The recruitment of employees – employer’s rights and obligations under the current law”


“Reverse charging of VAT in the construction industry”

Our advantage is that …. we are not a training company!

The practical knowledge provided by trainers results from their own long-term professional experience. Issues are discussed in an understandable, communicative, way, with emphasis on practical and “life” aspects of the application of regulations and solutions based on examples, in short: minimum theory, maximum practice. After the training, each participant receives a certificate confirming attendance, and training materials by e-mail.

If you are initially interested in taking part in any of the above-mentioned training courses, please contact us. You will receive a non-binding proposal tailored to your individual needs. Participation in the training and the acquired practical knowledge can be reflected directly in measurable savings and financial benefits for your Company!